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Amber A.

10+ years as a certified personal and professional coach. Amber helps those eager to find their career niche or discern life direction, allowing them to maximize their skills or land their sweet spot job. Clients will gain clarity through customized coaching and strategic action with Amber.

Full Bio

Amber is a career clarity and life coach who will help you get unstuck, break through the fog, and decide which direction to go. If you are pursuing career clarity, ready to exit that square-peg-round-hole job and get into that just-the-right-fit role, Amber is the perfect guide. If you are looking for personal direction and need to design your life around core values and get after your dreams and ambitious goals, Amber will provide actionable insights.

She is a trained Enneagram and CliftonStrengths® coach with the ability to harness these tools to help you understand yourself, get clarity on the contribution you bring to the table, and then take the necessary action to land in your career sweet spot. Additionally, Amber can focus the coaching conversation on life direction, personal well-being, and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

Amber is people-centric and passionate, with a commitment to helping you identify a purpose that gets you up in the morning. She looks forward to peering over the horizon with you for a more meaningful life and purposeful future.

Notable Client Achievements Helped hundreds of clients gain personal clarity and identify their career trajectory in order to transition out of soul-sucking work and into life-giving, meaningful careers.

Charted a path forward for a team in conflict using insights from the personality tools Enneagram and CliftonStrengths.

In the midst of the upheaval of divorce, guided an executive through the emotional and mental challenges of her personal life so she could continue to fulfill her workplace role and discover a new sense of hope for her personal and professional future.

  • Over 1000+ hours of coaching individuals in career direction and vocational discernment
  • Double certified personal and professional coach
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Enneagram and Clifton Strengths trained Coach
  • Health Wellness Fitness, Education, Entertainment, Hospitality, Performing Arts, Professional Services, Retail, Art
  • Jobs with functions like Customer Service, Marketing, Project Management, Sales, Other, Consulting
  • Staying Motivated, Finding Direction, Career Transition, Discover Skills And Strengths, Early Career, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Wellbeing, Executives, Experienced People Manager, Goal Clarification, Experienced Individual Contributor, New Grads, New People Manager, Parenting, Personal Transformation, Value Identification


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is people-centric & passionate, encouraging & empowering, and action-oriented & ambitious.

Who is your ideal client and why?

Clients who feel stuck, confused, or conflicted are unsure of where to go. I help them clear away the fog, get unstuck, and chart a new path forward.

How do you measure success with a client?

Clarity and Transformation - if a client gets career clarity or experiences personal transformation as a result of coaching, that is a win!

What is your coaching superpower?

In my sweet spot, I use strategic intuition to recognize obstacles and issues. Then I craft powerful questions to guide clients towards the most effective solution.

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