Brenda B.

Reviewed over 10,000 resumes and LinkedIn profiles. 15 years of coaching/recruiting experience with a specialty in curating personal brands that attract companies.

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With 15 years of combined career coaching and recruiting experience, Brenda has passionately helped job seekers drive robust personal brands to garner the attention of their target employers including Paypal, New York Times, CNN, The Home Depot, Shopify, etc. With over 10,000+ resume & LinkedIn reviews and counting, she lives her best life each day by motivating others to attract the jobs of their dreams.

As a recruiter, she has led early-career level candidates through the full recruitment life-cycle for technical projects at Apple, Microsoft, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amgen, Cisco, Comcast, American Express, etc., and uses her knowledge of what employers are looking for to help job seekers prepare for every step of the process.

Brenda loves helping clients pass more recruiter phone screens and has helped more than 75 professionals secure higher compensation packages in the last 5 years. Her coaching approach includes helping individuals manage their job search with excitement, motivation, and actionable steps to get hired within 90 days. If you're ready to put in the work to follow the path you were meant to be on, she wants to help you get there.

  • 15 years of coaching and recruiting experience
  • Reviewed 10,000+ Resume and Linkedin profiles
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration
Computer Software
Information Technology
Marketing Advertising
Non Profit
Recruiting Staffing
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
Job Search Strategy
Career Direction
Interview Feedback
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