Carolyn R.

Hands-on, collaborative, leadership coach and change leader with 20+ years developing people, leading teams, implementing change, improving culture, and supporting rapidly growing organizations. Builds and motivates high-performing individuals and cross-functional teams.

Full Bio

Carolyn has many years of experience serving in both IT leadership roles (IT PMO/shared services leader) and HR Talent Development positions (Org Dev, Leadership Dev, L&D, Talent Acquisition, Org Change), supporting global companies and teams. As an experienced Leadership Coach, she works with leaders at the mid to senior levels of the organization to help them become the best leaders they can be and help them build high-performing teams. Her deep experience in organization development and coaching allows her to bring a systemic, whole-person approach to the work she delivers, keeping the big picture in mind as she helps move businesses ahead.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Successfully designed and launched an innovative leadership development initiative with the company.

  • Cascaded leadership development throughout the organization (400+ leaders) by building out an internal coaching capability as a cornerstone to implementation

  • Directed a team of six managers supporting 80+ employees as IT moved from a traditional waterfall development methodology to Agile frameworks.

  • ICF Certified (ACC)
  • Brain Based Coaching Certified
  • 20+ years of organizational effectiveness and talent development
  • 100+ hours of coaching
Computer Software
Financial Services
Information Technology
Professional Services
Corporate It
Human Resources
Project Management
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Value Identification
Discover Skills And Strengths
Goal Clarification
Internal Mobility
Relationship Building
Emotional Intelligence
Interpersonal Communication
Personal Transformation
Team Building
Executive Presence


Describe your coaching style.

I used a brain-based coaching approach - leveraging proven coaching approaches in a business setting; relationship builder, connector, listener

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal client is growth-minded, willing to see things another way and keep an open mind, and ready to transform - themselves, their people, and their company. I prefer to work with clients who are ready for change/not being forced into having a coach - they have to want it in order to be fully engaged and willing to grow through coaching

How do you measure success with a client?

I know that I have been successful with a client when they refer me to others because they have met the goals they set up originally as part of the coaching program

What is your coaching superpower?

Listening is my coaching superpower

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