David C.

David is dedicated to helping delivery professionals at all levels meet their goals. His 35 years of technical delivery experience across program, project, change management, and agile ways of working can help you level up in your career.

Full Bio

Dave is a Certified Executive Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM7) and is dedicated to helping others become the best they can be. He has managed numerous large-scale transformational programs for companies like Putnam Investments, Fidelity Investments, and NTT Data and understands the challenges and demands of IT delivery.

Dave is focused on supporting professionals responsible for the delivery of technology to reach their goals. He understands the challenges and recognizes that sometimes you need someone in your corner to help you through difficult situations to be able to visualize the future. Dave knows that getting teams working together, establishing boundaries for stakeholders, and getting positive results through interactions with others are just some of the areas crucial for delivery success. Dave will help you identify and utilize your skills to create a path to success.

Dave is a mentor, speaker, and coach for Year Up, an organization centered on helping young adults start out in their careers. He is passionate about helping people of all ages and backgrounds find their potential and set a course to greatness.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Helped an IT leader through the journey of deciding among several options for a new role and gain the confidence to obtain the desired position.
  • Helped an IT leader see that he had the ability to take control of a difficult situation and difficult people which resulted in increased confidence and ultimately a much better position within the company.
  • Helped an entrepreneur manage through lost business and find the learnings from the experience to develop a new approach for acquiring even more business.
  • Showed a young adult that she had the skills and experience to apply for and obtain the desired position that is a stepping stone to her ultimate goal of becoming a project manager.
  • Worked with people of all levels and backgrounds including new graduates, PhD’s, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, get out from under that overwhelmed feeling of having too much to do and prioritize what is most important to reach their goals.
  • Certified Executive Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM7)
  • Project Management Professional Certified
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified in Agile Facilitation
  • Certified in Agile Coaching
  • Thompson Personal Profile Analysis certified (Thompson PPA)
  • Exposure to numerous technological platforms
Computer Software
Financial Services
Information Technology
Professional Services
Enterprise Software
Customer Service
Software Development
Project Management
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Value Identification
Goal Clarification
Performance Productivity
Managing Up
Emotional Intelligence
Self Esteem Confidence
Team Building


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is to show the client that they can meet their goals and be where they want to be. I do not tell clients how to do something, but instead, I help them determine their path and build a plan for success. This ultimately results in their increased confidence and a general sense of well-being. I also feel I have a good ability to sense people’s needs and emotions. I read body language and tone of voice very well and can tell when there is more that they need to tell me. I then use that sense to ask additional questions to “peel back the onion” to expose more of what may be getting in the way of their goals.

Who is your ideal client and why?

I have had clients with various backgrounds, but generally I like to work with professionals who are responsible for the delivery of a product or solution. These could be program managers, project managers, change managers or individual contributors in any size organization. I also like to work with younger adults who have so much potential and just need some help building the confidence to use it.

How do you measure success with a client?

Ultimately when they achieve what they set out to achieve, but in the interim, when they say things like, “I’ve never thought of it that way before, ” or “That’s an excellent question.” When they say things like that, I can see the impact the sessions are having on the client. I also feel successful when the client has the confidence to do something they would not have done before our sessions.

What is your coaching superpower?

Building Confidence by pulling as opposed to pushing. Getting the client to realize for themselves that they can achieve what they set out to do.

Also, getting to “Why”. Not only understanding what is important to a client, but why it is important. We focus often on the what’s and how’s but when we truly understand the why, clarity, motivation, confidence, and success increase.

Finally, I motivate clients by celebrating their successes and holding them accountable to stay on the journey to success.

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