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Jorge B.

30+ years of global leadership experience as CEO, COO, VP in multibillion-dollar organizations. Certified Leadership Coach guiding senior executives to be inspirational and impactful.

Full Bio

Jorge has 30+ years of leadership experience as CEO, COO, VP of large global organizations; he is passionate about leadership growth and has coached hundreds of senior executives, enabling them to make a positive impact on their teams, their organizations, and their careers. He has developed a unique methodology that helps executives to transition into new, bigger roles; a process that has been proven to deliver sustainable success in dozens of complex job changes, including expatriation. Jorge has an MBA; he is certified as an executive coach by leading institutions (ICF, CEC), and as a practitioner of personality and emotional intelligence assessments.

Expertise: -C-Suite -Senior Executives -Strategy -Board interactions -Coaches in English, Spanish and Portuguese

  • Certified Executive Coach (ICF, CEC)
  • MBA
  • Hogan, Genos and EQi Certified Practitioner
  • Construction, Education, Financial Services, Oil Energy, Professional Services, Logistics Supply Chain, Utilities, Advertising, Computer, Manufacturing, Aerospace
  • Jobs with functions like Customer Service, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Operations, Production, Sales, Consulting
  • Finding Direction, Emotional Intelligence, Executives, Executive Presence, Experienced People Manager, Interpersonal Communication, Leveraging Your Network, New People Manager, Providing Feedback, Remote Leadership, Sales Productivity, Self Esteem Confidence, Team Building


Describe your coaching style.

I first help the client understand what their goals are. I then help clients to reflect on what would be the ideal state and what are the necessary steps to get there. I work with the client to help them to develop an action plan, with clear goals which can be measured. I use assessments and leadership tools as needed.

Who is your ideal client and why?

All clients who want to grow and are willing to be challenged through the coaching process are ideal clients.

How do you measure success with a client?

The clients establish their goals at the beginning of the coaching program and then develop an action plan to achieve those. The client will evaluate their success at the end of the program. This could include 360 reviews and self-assessments.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is the ability to be a great listener and ask powerful questions to help clients to think differently.

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