Karl H.

Author, International Speaker, Executive Coach, and Human Resources and Organization Development Leader with 25+ years of experience in the biotechnology, healthcare, telecommunications, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and real estate services industries.

Full Bio

Karl is an author, international speaker, Executive Coach, and Human Resources and Organization Development Leader with expertise is in leading people and projects, executive coaching, leadership, workforce, and organization development, succession planning. His strengths include building relationships at all levels, fostering and integrating collaborative environments, and leading and motivating others to realize their full potential by adopting new mindsets.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached a leader over the course of 2 years, resulting in his promotion to CEO.

  • Coached six "high potential" leaders in a gaming company's leadership development program, resulting in new roles and improved team effectiveness.

  • Taught several semesters of a Coaching elective class at Alliant International University to Master's and Ph.D. students.

  • ICF Certified Coach - PCC
  • PHD, Organizational Psychology
  • Certified in multiple assessments including, DISC, MBTI, Enneagram and Hogan
  • 500+ hours of coaching
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Electrical Electronic Manufacturing
Professional Services
Human Resources
Recruiting Staffing
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Discover Skills And Strengths
Goal Clarification
Career Transition
Managing Up
Emotional Intelligence
Interpersonal Communication
Self Esteem Confidence
Time Management
Team Building
Providing Feedback


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is collaborative, client-focused, accountability-focused, results-oriented

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal client is anyone who is "ready" to grow, develop, address their blindspots, and improve their emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.

How do you measure success with a client?

I measure success by setting clear goals with them and their organization. I often use 360 assessment to evaluate pre and post coaching improvements.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is my intuition, listening skills, and empathy for my clients.

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