Marisa R.

Partnerships executive with 20+ years fostering new growth opportunities and driving results within organizations. Experienced life, leadership, and career coach with a passion for helping shift energy, attitude, and perspective into a more productive and forward-moving space.

Full Bio

Marisa has many years of experience working with global organizations and leaders at all levels. She has worked for and with some of the largest, well-known technology organizations in the world, including SAP, Oracle, IBM, Workday, and Salesforce. Marisa is recognized in the Enterprise Software/IT Solutions space as a strategic partner leader, collaborating with global partners such as Deloitte, Accenture, PWC, KPMG, McKinsey, and BCG. As an internal coach and High-Intensity Teaming (HIT) Workshop Facilitator, she provides 1:1 high-touch leadership coaching to people leaders, and creates/leads HIT workshops for various teams. Marisa believes that helping organizations and leaders recognize and internalize that human resources are their most important assets will empower them to be successful. Marisa is also the founder/CEO of PathBender Coaching and Consulting, where she coaches clients in areas such as leadership, career transitions, personal development, finances, relationships, and health and wellness. She practices the art of coaching based on the Core Energy Coaching™ methodology, which focuses on getting to the root (or “core”) of an individual’s challenges by identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block their success.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Provided career transition coaching to an account executive, resulting in a move that not only increased his overall compensation but also radically improved his level of job satisfaction.

  • Provided leadership coaching to a VP who was struggling to lead a geographically and culturally diverse team effectively. The feedback I have received from her indicates she leads by being her authentic self while inspiring and motivating the team to perform to its full potential.

  • iPEC - Certified Professional Coach
  • ELI Master Practitioner
  • 20+ years of strategic sales/alliances experience
  • MBA
Computer Software
Professional Services
Business Development
Human Resources
Project Management
New Grad
Early Career
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Discover Skills And Strengths
Goal Clarification
Performance Productivity
Internal Mobility
Relationship Building
Managing Up
Personal Transformation
Team Building
Executive Presence
Sales Productivity


Describe your coaching style.

I partner with my clients to help them identify hidden patterns, blockers, and thoughts restricting their professional and personal growth. Once we identify them, we use proven tools and techniques to work through them, and create strategies to help them move forward. This process helps them to become more self-aware and able to make effective changes.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal clients are Women who feel stuck in their careers and want to make a change. About 70% of my clients have come to me with this challenge. Several years ago in my own career, I experienced a similar challenge which is what ultimately led me to become a coach.

How do you measure success with a client?

In every session with my clients, I ask them what they want to talk about, their goal, and how they would define a "successful" session. I will often use scaling questions at the beginning and end of a session to gauge whether the client truly feels they made progress toward the stated goal.

What is your coaching superpower?

I have an amazing ability to truly listen and let the client say whatever they need to in order to get to the root of the challenge. I let the client lead - they have all the answers within them.

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