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High-impact 1:1 sessions with certified coaches will help your team go further and grow faster.
Connect your employees with external experts who can provide powerful guidance and perspectives.
Transformational group learning experiences designed to catalyze change.

One Click, or Custom Solutions

Executive Development
Manager Growth
Offsites and Events
High Potentials
Internal Mobility
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Comprehensive solutions for all your messy people problems

Tap into our highly vetted network of coaches, experts, and trainers

We have incredible talent that fits every use case, level, and budget
Beth W.

Beth brings 25 years of HR and organizational development expertise to her coaching work. Her focus on thought partnership & accountability is designed to drive sustainable behavior change.

ICF Certified Coach
1,000+ coaching hours
25+ years of HR and organizational development expertise
Sam D.

With experience as a partner at a Big Four management consulting firm and sales leader, Sam coaches leaders to build high-performing teams and organizations

ICF Certified Coach
100+ coaching hours
30+ years of management consulting and sales experience
+ And so many more

Use our flexible platform to make an impact throughout the employee lifecycle

Executive Coaching
Connect your exec team with experienced and affordable leadership coaches
Manager Development
Equip your managers with the tools to drive great outcomes for their teams
Internal Mobility
Help employees chart a career path within your company
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Build a program that enables all your employees to thrive
Employee Onboarding
Help your new employees quickly ramp up into their role
Change Management
Guide your people through critical company inflection points
Talent Retention
Engage your people with life & leadership coaching-as-a-benefit
Provide critical career services for your outgoing employees
Our go-to provider for professional development
Exec is our go-to provider for professional development. With their platform, we've been able to quickly launch offerings that match the needs of our employees and start getting results immediately.
John BartlemanCEO, TradeStation Group

You curate the programs. Your people choose the ones that are right for them.

Program Design
Budget Allocation
Concierge Matching
Comprehensive Reporting
Get a curated bench of practitioners
Share your company goals and employee population data, and we’ll propose the perfect bench of coaches, advisors, and trainers to offer to each of your people.
Get a curated bench of practitioners
Share your company goals and employee population data, and we’ll propose the perfect bench of coaches, advisors, and trainers to offer to each of your people.
Give your people the flexibility to choose
With Exec’s credit system, you set the budget for each of your people and can easily redistribute credits if they aren’t used. No employee minimums.
We build the context to make great matches
Each of your employees will get personalized professional development recommendations that match the demands of their work, with full phone support along the way.
Make sure your budget is being well spent
Get in-depth reporting on program utilization and employee satisfaction, that makes it easy to show off the success of your programs.

Talent development your people will love

Exec’s seamless employee experience and world-class network of talent development practitioners enable L&D leaders to launch programs that make an impact.
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Client Satisfaction
Recent client review for coach
Brenna H.
My coach asks really great questions. Even in our few short sessions together, she has been able to understand my goals and help me identify what’s holding me back.
Adam S.Sr. Project Manager at a leading bank

Talent development at every budget

Buy credits to match your budget and then allocate them to your people.
Exec has no employee minimums or per month charges.
100 credits x $107 each = $10,700 total
How does the credit system work?

The credit system was designed to give your organization maximum flexibility.

With a package of credits, you and your employees can book sessions with coaches and mentors or training workshops.

We offer volume pricing, so you save when you invest more in your employee development.

What control do I have over employee utilization?

With Exec, you have the ability to control:

  • How many credits each employee can use within a designated time frame

  • Which session types they can book

  • Specific coaches are available to your organization

  • Which coaching specialties are available to your organization and to which employees

What happens if I need more credits?

If your employees use all of the credits in your account, we will send you a notification to purchase more. You can buy as many or as few as you need

How many credits does a session cost?

A standard 50-minute session can cost as low as 1 credit. However, coaches set their own rates, so sessions with some coaches may cost more credits. Our team can work with you to decide how large of a credit package is best to meet your goals.

How many credits does each employee need?

Your people will need different levels of support based on their seniority and your people strategy. That said, here are a few helpful benchmarks

  • Senior leaders often meet with their coach 2 times per month for 50 minutes. Leadership coaches can cost between 3-5 credits per session, depending on the coach.

  • Brand new managers often meet with their coach weekly for 25 minutes. Coaches specializing in new managers cost between 1-3 credits per session.

  • Superstar individual contributors often meet with their coach monthly for 50 minutes. Performance coaches cost between 1-2 credits per session.

Our team can help craft a program that works within your organization’s budget constraints.

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