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Frequently asked questions

Credit System
How does the credit system work?

We operate on a credit system to give you flexibility. With one simple purchase, you can solve a variety of challenges within your organization. You purchase a pack of coaching credits that your employees can use to book leadership, performance, life, or outplacement coaching sessions. You have the flexibility to decide what type of coaching is available and to which employees. We offer volume pricing, so you save when you invest more in your employee development.

A standard 50-minute session costs 1 credit. However, coaches are able to set their own rate so sessions with some coaches cost more credits. Our team can work with you to decide how many credits might be best for your organization.

How many credits does each employee need?

Coaching is not one-size-fits-all. Folks need different levels of support based both on their seniority and the specific challenges they face. However, we can provide a rough sketch of a few different journeys.

  • Senior leaders often meet with their coach 2 times per month for 50 minutes. Leadership coaches can cost between 3-5 credits per session, depending on the coach.

  • Brand new managers often meet with their coach weekly for 25 minutes. Coaches specializing in new managers cost between 1-3 credits per session.

  • Superstar individual contributors often meet with their coach monthly for 50 minutes. Performance coaches cost between 1-2 credits per session.

Our team would love to help you craft a program that works for your organization. Please reach out to learn more.

What control do I have over employee use?

Our goal is to provide your team with seamless tools that make it easy to manage your credits. You have the power to control:

  • How many credits each employee can use within a designated time frame

  • Which session types they are able to book

  • Which coaches are available to your organization

  • Which coaching specialties (Leadership, Life, Performance, Job Search) are available to your organization and to which employees

Please reach out to our team to learn more about the functionality available to you.

What happens if I need more credits?

If your employees use all of the credits in your account, we will send you a notification to purchase more. You can buy as many or as few as you need!

Enterprise clients will have a dedicated customer success manager to maximize value.