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Adam Grupp

Coach, educator, and former executive with 20+ years of experience building cross-functional teams and managing, coaching, and training high-performing managers and leaders.

Coach, educator, and former executive with 20+ years of experience building cross-functional teams and managing, coaching, and training high-performing managers and leaders.

Adam Grupp is not accepting new clients right now
Adam Grupp is not accepting new clients right now

Adam has over 20+ years of experience helping leaders and managers achieve breakthrough impact for their organizations, teams, and careers. His broader practice blends consulting, training, and coaching to address client needs across strategic planning, business model design, growth and engagement, organizational effectiveness, and leadership development. His clients span the public and private spheres, including organizations such as the University of Washington, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Boeing, NanoString, Health Professionals Alliance, Pearson, Scotiabank, and more. Before founding and becoming a full-time coach, Adam worked in consulting and IT, including a 15-year tenure at Microsoft, where he led product and growth marketing teams, oversaw global consumer loyalty and drove business model innovation across entertainment, commerce, and productivity verticals.

Notable Client Achievments

  • Coached a project portfolio leader undertaking job search, network development, interview preparation, and salary negotiation resulting in a successful career transition with a +40% increase in total compensation
  • Coached a senior technology leader successfully navigating a "third-act" career transition, achieving greater career satisfaction while exceeding compensation goals
  • Coached a research scientist targeting career transition from academia to industry, resulting in ~2x increase in total compensation and greater career satisfaction
  • Coached a senior product leader navigating the external job search, leading to a transition from mid-level position to Chief Product Officer role
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Work History
University of Washington
Instructor, Business & Product Strategy
  • Director, Microsoft Rewards
  • Group Manager, Search Business Planning & Strategy
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • University of Washington JD/MBA
  • 100+ hours of coaching
  • 20+ years of product leadership experience
Industry Specialties
Computer Software, Entertainment, Higher Education, Professional Services and more
Functional Specialties
Data Science, Product Management, Business Analysis, Consulting
New People Manager, Experienced People Manager, Executive, Goal Clarification and more
Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style leverages co-active principles, along with other techniques from my work as a manager and educator, designed to empower clients to clarify their priorities, examine problems from different perspectives, and achieve greater results and resilience, both personally and professionally. I ground the coaching relationship in candor, compassion and humor.

Who is your ideal client and why?

Dear client: You are someone who believes in your potential to achieve more, you're willing to do the work, and maybe you're not quite sure how to get there -- either with where to begin, or how to envision the path that will follow. My love of coaching is rooted in a belief that we all are capable of great things, if we're willing to paddle our own canoe. Also, I sometimes use unorthodox metaphors in my coaching -- so it helps if you appreciate a little out-of-the-box thinking from time to time.

How do you measure success with a client?

I measure success along four vectors:* Has the client clarified what matters most to them? (Both the What and the Why)* Has the client set (and achieved) meaningful goals that reflect what matters most to them? * Has the client made meaningful stride at becoming their own coach? (i.e., able to work on future challenges/goals with increased independence) * Finally, does the client recommend me to their trusted friends, family and colleagues?

What is your coaching superpower?

My superpower is holding space for empathy AND truth-telling.

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