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Brooke Erol

Coach, consultant, small business owner, speaker and author with 25+ years of experience in the whole spectrum of employee experience, leadership, purpose; working with individuals and executives having a perspective from both sides

Coach, consultant, small business owner, speaker and author with 25+ years of experience in the whole spectrum of employee experience, leadership, purpose; working with individuals and executives having a perspective from both sides

Brooke Erol is not accepting new clients right now
Brooke Erol is not accepting new clients right now

I am a passionate, very purpose-driven person who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. I never worked only to get a pay-check. I never liked the notion of waiting for weekends or for a retirement to feel happy. Work is part of my life and I care about how I spend 5 days out of my 7-day week.

Since the day I joined IBM and during my time working at three other corporate jobs, I always questioned the status quo to make things better for people and the business. Over the years, I found out a big part of this is employee experience (EX). If your people have good experience from the moment they were a candidate to the moment they leave, it has a huge positive impact on company’s results.

How all this translated to my last two decades of work is: I have coached hundreds of professionals to find work they care about and aligned with them for exactly 20 years now. It changed not only their careers but their lives for better.

I know for a fact how much leaders play a part in building a belonging culture. I have worked as an outside consultant to work with executives to create the best cultures (online and at the office) for the best employee experience.

I am connected with global experts on how to make this happen. I am working and learning every day about new tools and practices. It is not only possible, it makes companies a lot more productive.

When people are fulfilled with their work, they take care of their clients and every other stakeholder which makes shareholders happy too. I have seen it happening in front of my eyes over and over again. I know exactly what to do to create the best experience from job application to the exit survey.

How can all this help your organization?

I am extremely passionate about employee experience (from being a candidate to do the day they leave), their engagement and even their fulfillment, their wellbeing. I have several amazing examples and stats that prove businesses do much better when they care about these metrics. I know exactly how to improve them.

People who are passionate and care about what they do at work are 225% more productive. I am one of them. I experienced the difference when I worked different jobs. I have an entrepreneurial mindset; I take initiatives; I implement forward looking ideas.

I am very driven; I have this inner energy when I tap into my strengths that keeps me going; that makes me a good team member who inspires others. I am not a quitter. I work hard am very positive; I always see the positive in people and organizations and help them highlight them; they all become part of the marketing tool. I am a great communicator at every level of a company: Always had C-level contacts and clients but also great at connecting with people at every level of a company; I bring people together. I always read a lot about what is happening in the business world and what the new concepts are that are needed today, not 2 decades ago.

I am an early adaptor of many new principles. I love finding out about science behind work. What makes people get motivated? Which CEO’s do well with business and their people? I learn, I think, and I share a lot (books/articles/talks) I have a book I wrote called Create a Life You Love, I co-authored 5 other books one becoming a best seller (From Hierarchy to High Performance)Since I have coaching training I know what gets in the way; I can dig the real why when things do not go according to plan or when there is resistance.

I already have many examples of successful companies at every size, shape, and geographic location that have done great with their bottom line by implementing what I believe is needed in all workplaces I am a women leader myself in several places including non-profits.

Notable Client Achievements

  • I have worked with a VP of a San Diego tech company who changed her position, became more fulfilled and created her best team at a company she loves to work.
  • I have created Purpose/Value/ Vision statement with a pharma company of 147 years in Switzerland and conducted engagement surveys followed by dozens of coaching sessions which increased their engagement rates from %65 to %81.
  • I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs create a work environment and talent acquisition practices that ended up having 3% turnover rates in a span of 5 years.
  • Helped at least 100 people find their career path that is purposeful, aligned with their strengths and values.
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Work History
  • Advisory Account Manager
  • Product Sales & Marketing Specialist
  • Instructor/Trainer
Sounding Board and Featured Contributor
Harte Hanks
Marketing Manager
  • Business Management | University of CA, San Diego
  • Business Administration (Major in Marketing) | Bosphorus University
  • Personal and Executive Coaching | Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Self Development and Leadership | Landmark
Industry Specialties
Computer Software, Non Profit, Human Resources, Management Consulting and more
Functional Specialties
Customer Service, Human Resources, Management, Strategy Planning and more
Job Search Strategy, Career Direction, Early Career, Mid Career and more

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