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Heidi Maser (Vance)

Compassionate, action-oriented, and impactful coach with 10+ years of experience in global marketing and business development for consumer tech companies at all stages of growth.

Compassionate, action-oriented, and impactful coach with 10+ years of experience in global marketing and business development for consumer tech companies at all stages of growth.

Heidi Maser (Vance) is not accepting new clients right now
Heidi Maser (Vance) is not accepting new clients right now

Heidi has a background in global marketing and business development for major consumer technology companies such as Uber, Lime, and AOL, where she led strategic partnerships and marketing campaigns with major brands including Visa, Disney, Unilever, Live Nation, Manchester United, and Capital One. She is highly experienced at navigating complex relationships and leading cross-functional global teams, with specific expertise in relationship building, time management, internal/external communication, remote work, direct and cross-functional team leadership, team building, interviewing skills, and executive presence.

As a career development coach, Heidi works one-on-one with clients to articulate their specific goals, identify their unique strengths, and create clear, actionable steps forward. She is highly skilled at active listening, implementing motivational strategies, holding clients accountable, remaining nimble, and championing her clients to achieve their goals. Heidi is also a certified health coach and can provide clients with strategies and support for healthy lifestyle improvements as part of her comprehensive offering. Heidi's diverse professional background along with her depth of training and coaching experience makes her a highly impactful coach. Whether you are seeking support in excelling at your current role, finding a new role, developing leadership skills, avoiding burnout, improving health, or building confidence, Heidi would be honored to support you!

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coaching an employee of a global technology company from manager to a promotion to chief of staff.

  • Providing a client with job transition coaching, resulting in the acceptance of a new role with an increase in compensation/title at a publicly traded fintech company.

  • Coaching a corporate-professional-turned-entrepreneur through the early stages of starting and growing her business, including the closing of several contracts.

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Work History
Sr. Partner Manager, Business Development
Global Marketing Manager
Sr. Marketing Manager
+ more
  • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
  • 10+ years of Marketing and Business Development experience in Technology
  • 100+ hours of coaching
Industry Specialties
Computer Software, Entertainment, Health Wellness Fitness, Media and more
Functional Specialties
Business Development, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations and more
New Grad, Early Career, New People Manager, Experienced People Manager and more
Describe your coaching style.

I am a compassionate and action-oriented coach with a lighthearted nature. I strive to understand you and your specific needs, and will push you to get out of your comfort zone and will challenge you to achieve your goals. I am exceptional at working with you to break big goals down into smaller, manageable, accountable steps. I have been described as supportive, empowering, calm, patient, thoughtful, empathetic, professional, authentic, and refreshing.

Who is your ideal client and why?

I work with clients who have a strong desire to take their career or health to the next level, but have struggled to get there independently. Often my clients initially describe feelings of "analysis paralysis", overwhelm, uncertainty, lack of confidence, lack of clarity, being "blocked", and/or struggles with motivation. Having a depth of experience working in various professional settings -- and knowing the professional and personal challenges that can arise along the way -- I am incredibly passionate about supporting clients who are faced with their own unique challenges and helping them break through.

How do you measure success with a client?

I am a client-centered coach, that works with each client to establish unique goals and success metrics. I begin my client engagements with an initial question – asking the client what they want to achieve and what “success" would look like from their current perspective. As the client begins to further explore their goals through their foundational coaching work, this initial articulation is refined and clarified. Once there is alignment on clear goals and a path forward, I work with the client to develop a timeline, define relevant corresponding success milestones, and determine the right method of tracking and accountability for the client. I have a variety of ways to track progress, depending on how the client prefers to work. I often leverage proven accountability methods such as shared written trackers with goals and aligned daily/weekly measurable milestones, written email/text reporting with regular check-ins, and verbal check-ins at the start of each session to align on progress. I will also often do regular reflections and realignment on goals, which ensures that my clients continue to revisit their vision and stay on track with what they want to achieve.

What is your coaching superpower?

My superpower is creating a safe space for clarity and empowering confident action.

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