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Julien Marzouk

Julien helps highly technical leaders (CFOs, CTOs, CPOs and operational managers transitioning into leadership roles) become more confident & strategic in their communication to get the outcomes they want.

Julien helps highly technical leaders (CFOs, CTOs, CPOs and operational managers transitioning into leadership roles) become more confident & strategic in their communication to get the outcomes they want.

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Is your job starting to feel frustrating and overwhelming? Putting out fire after fire but getting stuck in the weeds? Tired of following an old script, but too fearful of bald risk-taking? Having difficulty being impactful at the leadership team level? You’re looking to grow and need help finding a way to work smarter, not harder?

Julien helps highly technical leaders (CFOs, CTOs, CPOs and operational managers transitioning into leadership roles) navigate the confusion created by rapid growth, decide what’s important and become more confident & strategic in their communication to get the outcomes they want.

Julien believes in the power of being maverick – free thinking, unconventional, non-conformist; and of being unlimited – reframing what’s possible, removing limits, barriers and blocks.

As a reformed rule follower, he helps you break from the habit of systematically following rules so you can speak up, be more impactful and allow yourself to excel. He helps you focus on impact (not processes), go off script (authenticity builds trust) and customize your communication by taking calculated risks. He supports you in bringing out the best in your teams and challenges you to ensure you always come away stronger.

Developing a picture of who you are

The strategies that got you this far aren’t taking you where you want to go. You need help seeing what you’re missing and what’s getting in the way of growth. We’ll make changes that activate your teams and truly deliver business results.

We’ll explore your most important challenges to find the dynamics hidden underneath the surface. Over time, we’ll develop a better picture of your talents, compulsions, blind spots and triggers (and those of your team).

The Empowered mindset for the risk-averse program

His “Empowered mindset for the risk-averse” program helps you take a bold leap to start sharing insights that are subjective (not just objective) and in the process of doing so, to experience a sense of vigor and aliveness comparable to rock-climbers in a state of “flow”. This program both challenges and nurtures clients with three key models: the Tilt 365 (the four strengths of communication adapted from Paul Boney), the Empowerment Dynamic (adapted from David Emerald’s The Power of Ted) and the Leadership Conversational Pyramid (adapted from Marie Case Consulting).

The mindset here is key, and Julien focuses on working to recognize the switch between empowered and disempowered mindsets, understanding the impact on ownership (and how this creates a culture of accountability across the org) and being creative in addressing challenges encountered.


Julien has more than 15 years of strategic consulting and coaching experience internationally. He has helped 50+ leadership teams scale their business, drive strategic alignment and expand overseas. He is a Founding Partner of Kinesis, a New-York based strategy consulting firm positioned as a key “go-to” player in the New York Tech ecosystem for any European company seeking growth in the US. Prior to co-founding Kinesis, Julien was the Head of Strategy Consulting at Altios in New York City, and a Strategy Consultant at Advention Business Partners, a Bain spin-off, in Paris.

He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two boys. His compulsions include helping others get connected to themselves and others, discovering hidden gems, co-creating strategies and solving puzzles.


Julien is a Columbia University credentialed leadership coach and holds an MBA in Corporate Strategy from Università Bocconi and NEOMA Business School. He is a member of the Technology, Startups & Entrepreneurs Committee of the French American Chamber of Commerce. He is a certified Clarity Coach, trained by Talentism, a Bridgewater Associates spin-off. He is a trained ILF Coach with Bluecase Strategic Partners, an organizational change firm specialized in leadership development and strategic planning. He is a member of the ICF, the Association for Coaching, French Founders and the FACC NY. Clients

His clients include Series B to D CEOs, CTOs & CPOs - CFOs of leading private equity funds, and execs at unicorn startups. Some examples of his clients are Drawbridge (series C cybersecurity company), Tia (series D healthcare company), Alerzo (series B retailtech), Affinipay (series C fintech), Insideboard (series D Saas company), First Reserve and RATP Dev.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached the CEO of RATP Dev (global transportation group), successfully helping her build a new leadership team and redesign operating processes
  • Coached the CFO of First Reserve (leading private equity fund), successfully navigating communication and relationship with his CEO and direct reports
  • Coached the CEO of Insideboard (series D Saas company) expand his activities to the US, successfully helping him find product market fit and get first clients
  • Coached the CPO of Alerzo (series B retailtech), successfully helping him transition into the leadership team and structure his team
  • Coached the Head of Strategic Services of Drawbridge (series C cybersecurity company), successfully helping her drive alignment with the Customer Success team
  • Coached the VP of Branding of Tia (series D healthcare company), sucessfully establishing herself as a key leader in the marketing team
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ALTIOS International
Director of Growth Strategies
Advention Business Partners
Strategy Consultant
Business Journalist
  • Leadership Coaching Certification Program | Columbia University
  • Master of Business Administration | Dual Degree in Corporate Strategy & Organizational Development
  • Neoma Business School
Financial Services
Information Technology
Management Consulting
Professional Services
Software Development
Finance Investing
Product Management
Strategy Planning
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New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Value Identification
Discover Skills And Strengths
Goal Clarification
Career Transition
Performance Productivity
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