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Mylea M. Charvat

Ph.D. Neuropsychologist now executive and life coach

Ph.D. Neuropsychologist now executive and life coach

Mylea M. Charvat is not accepting new clients right now
Mylea M. Charvat is not accepting new clients right now

A clinician with a business background, Mylea was an early employee with Travelocity in the 1990s & went on to train as a clinical neuropsychologist & neuroscientist & in 2015 founded Savonix. Her career has been defined by extraordinary leadership, creative problem-solving, operational excellence, customer focus, and social impact. She brings a proven ability to drive results in different environments by shaping a compelling strategic direction, building required capabilities, and leading execution.

Mylea is known and recommended for being a results-driven and authentic leader and coach who creates high-performance cultures and winning teams. Her background as a clinical neuropsychologist allows her to bring tools and approaches focused on brain plasticity that create behavioral changes clients want, but find difficult, to make. She brings a therapeutic style to coaching to help clients refocus their internal dialogue to strengthen neural networks for positive change in their lives and careers.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached early-stage CEO through a $5M seed round.

  • Coached intrapreneur within a trillion-dollar trading operation to build confidence and people management skills to scale his project to 5% of total P&L.

  • Coached mid-career executive through major life changes to redirect internal dialogue that resulted in both new relationships and career opportunities.

  • Coached clinical founder on how to present information and pitch to venture capitalists.

  • Coached software developer on how to manage stress to reduce anxiety and function as a more positive member of his team.

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Work History
Chief Medical Officer
StartUp Health
Chief Impact Officer
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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  • Trained Neuropsychologist and Clinical Neuroscientist
  • Ph.D. Fellowship in Neuroscience | Stanford School of Medicine
  • Doctorate, Clinical Health Psychology
  • BGS Psychology
Industry Specialties
Healthcare, Internet, Health Fitness Wellness, Computer Software and more
Functional Specialties
Data Science, Operations, Product Management, Strategy Planning and more
Mid Career, New People Manager, Experienced People Manager, Executive and more

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