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Nick Montalbine

Former Nike executive with repeated success transforming large, diverse teams into high-performing organizations. Highly adept at forging meaningful relationships and well-tuned to the challenges Executives face daily.

Former Nike executive with repeated success transforming large, diverse teams into high-performing organizations. Highly adept at forging meaningful relationships and well-tuned to the challenges Executives face daily.

Nick Montalbine is not accepting new clients right now
Nick Montalbine is not accepting new clients right now

Nick is a certified executive coach, team coach, and management consultant. He brings over 20 years of experience in strategy, operations, and leadership development in start-up environments and industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Retail. Nick has continually demonstrated throughout his career that outcomes are radically influenced by focusing on people first, leading to substantially improved results.

Having lived and experienced the competing demands leaders face, he leads with practicality first. You can expect a common-sense approach with frameworks that can be applied ”in the moment,” without sacrificing effectiveness. Clients have specifically reported their appreciation for his simple insights, candid counsel, and ability to understand company culture and complex work environments.

His expertise includes strategic planning and deployment, leadership development, accelerating high-performing team transformation, and developing sustainable operating models.

Nick received his MBA from Babson College near Boston, MA, and graduated from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, focusing on Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Nick shares a passion for wine with his wife, so much so that they aspire to grow grapes on their farm in the Willamette Valley, helping winemakers looking to get their start.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Provided work/life balance coaching to the Chief Legal Counsel of a Healthcare Insurer struggling with marital issues.

  • During a six-month engagement, coached a Senior Director of Operations on managing their emotions more positively, resulting in a promotion to Vice President, leading a team of 75 individuals.

  • Coached a Chief Operating Officer in the Financial Services industry struggling with low team engagement scores. We worked on softer skills to show a more human side of his personality and drove the strategy deep into the organization so employees knew how their work made a difference. Engagement scores increased from 52% to 78%

  • Provided coaching support to an individual junior in her career looking to make a career transition. Using the Hogan Assessment, we determined work environments that she valued and motivated her. We also looked at her natural strengths and how they were transferable to a new industry and how she could story tell that to recruiters.

  • Coached a CEO leading a small start-up on communicating more succinctly with his board of directors based on feedback he received during past presentations.

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In Their Own Words
How do you leverage assessments and 360s in your coaching practice?
What are some books or authors that inform your coaching or facilitation?
Work History
Head of Innovation & Strategy
Anthem, Inc.
Principal Consultant
Six Sigma Analyst
  • Hudson Certified Coach
  • 20+ years of executive experience in operations, strategy and leadership development
  • DISC, Clifton Strengths Finder, Enneagram, Hogan, Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner
  • Certified in Working Genius
Industry Specialties
Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Logistics Supply Chain and more
Functional Specialties
Human Resources, Operations, Product Management, Consulting
New Grad, Early Career, Mid Career, New People Manager and more
Describe your coaching style.

First and foremost, my coaching style is rooted in empathy and creating safe spaces for clients to feel vulnerable without being judged. I pride myself in altering my coaching style to meet individual needs and focus on behavioral shifts that will be easy to implement without much thinking. Often, my clients have numerous things on their plate and adding complexity does not set them up for success.

How do you measure success with a client?

A few ways. I like to start the process by clearly articulating what will be different for a client over an agreed-upon timeframe. Once we understand that, we can begin to measure progress against it. If we don’t know it immediately, we work on it together and then start tracking our progress. Referrals from existing and past clients is also metric that speaks loudly to success. It shows a client had a good enough experience or saw a significant amount of change that they talked about their experience or saw value in our time together. Most of my practice is through referrals or people wanting to continue working together. Finally, there is nothing better than getting that email months after an engagement ends with continued success stories.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is taking complex situations and breaking them down so it feels manageable and achievable

Who is your ideal client and why?

I’m always fortunate when a client is eager to grow as an individual and shows up with an open mind rooted in curiosity. This is an excellent start to this relationship as it opens the door to discovering solutions that matter. I also enjoy when clients are willing to share their motivating factors because the sooner this is identified and clearly understood, the sooner we can start building a plan leveraging that motivation as an incentive. Finally, I take this relationship seriously and try to create an environment that accelerates the trust-building process so individuals can be honest and vulnerable. When that happens, we can begin to address root causes and profoundly impact the desired change.

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