Ashley B.

10+ years in workforce performance and a Career Coaching Mastermind moving professionals from roadblocks to landing dream roles in Tech, Human Resources, Business, Government, and more. Coached 1000+ college grads and 100+ Military Veterans to job offers.

Full Bio

Ashley is a Career Growth Strategist with over 10 years of industry experience in human resources, workforce performance and career coaching extending across various backgrounds and industries. Specialized in career advancement tactics for overcoming mental and professional objections that stop career growth. Skilled in developing professional portfolios, in-depth resume reviews, LinkedIn optimization and tactical mock interviewing so her clients land more interviews and have better outcomes.

On her path to becoming a Career Growth Strategist, Ashley began her career working as a HR manager for a staffing firm vetting 500+ candidates for HR and logistic related jobs balancing communication with dozens of new businesses and employers on their workforce needs and requisitions. As she continued expansion into the Career Coaching sector she has helped 1000’s of college graduates with job search strategies and professional development across the software engineering bootcamp industry. Notable offers from large scale companies such Google, Hubspot and Facebook.

Ashley has a passionate focus for diversity initiatives in the workforce and has created pathways to MILLIONS in salary gains for clients with diverse backgrounds working in leadership oriented positions. For 3+ years she created military job search training programs leading to 100’s of veterans transitioning into private sector leadership roles.

Ashley is highly capable in designing career pathways for clients to surpass professional and mental objections. If you are looking for an expert in career transitions and advancement you are in the right place!

Notable Client Achievements

  • Helped clients negotiate a total of over 1 million dollars of additional salary in 2021.

  • Worked with over 50 clients to successfully transition in technology-related positions.

  • Advanced software engineers into largescale FANNG structures to include Amazon, Apple, Meta and Google.

  • 10+ years in workforce management to include recruitment, coaching, staffing and interviewing
  • 1000+ recent college graduates coached to offers
  • 100’s of Military Veterans transitioned into civilian offers
  • Expert advisor in salary negotiation with over $1M in client salary growth
  • trained ATS-friendly resume writer
  • Software Engineering Career Curriculum Developer
  • Certified Career Services Online Lecturer in New York, Texas, Colorado, Washington
  • SHRM Veteran Workplace Certification
  • Diversity in Workplace Certification
Computer Software
Human Resources
Information Technology
Professional Services
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Human Resources
Project Management
Recruiting Staffing
Early Career
New People Manager
Goal Clarification
Career Transition
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Job Search Strategy
Career Direction
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Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is very results-driven and directive. I assist clients in forming a competitive action plan to land their next offer!

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal client is a person who is transitioning into a new industry or desires to upskill to advance in their current career and is looking for ways to navigate the job market and influence their network

How do you measure success with a client?

Having a client with a clear understanding and pathway to their goals and an aligned plan of action.

What is your coaching superpower?

I am an underdog. I completely understand what it's like from the client's side of navigating a complex job search without the correct tools. I scale my coaching style based on my extensive networking skills and learning how to “use what I have right now at this moment” to gain strides in my professional career. I teach others how to do this as well.

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