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14+ years experience working with Fortune 100 leaders within the Financial Services and Sales industries. KC specializes in working with established and aspiring leaders striving to be the best version of themselves in their career, leadership, and life.

Full Bio

As the head of Leadership Development, KC has coached over 200 individuals within the financial services and sales industries, including technical, operational, marketing, and executive leaders. She first takes time to build up energy within her clients through clarifying their goals and then explores the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that may be blocking their ability to achieve them. Once a client's goals are clear, she works with them to develop simple, yet powerful strategies that result in meaningful progress towards their goals.

KC’s broad experience gives her a unique insight into navigating a career within large corporations. Her deep listening, willingness to ask the tough questions, focus on an individual's unique strengths, fun nature, and commitment to inside-out transformation makes her a fit for those looking to be the best version of themselves in their career, leadership, and life.

Notable Client Achievements: Coached over 100 Financial Advisors specific to business development and business ownership resulting in growing their revenue by an average of 110% YOY

Coached 16 High Potential Directors within Fortune 100 companies towards developing their personal leadership vision and values resulting in 8 out of the 16 being promoted within the following year

Coached over 50 new people leaders within Fortune 100 companies towards moving from an “I” to “We” mindset as they moved from being a high performing individual contributors to visionary team leaders resulting in high people leader/team engagement scores

Coached over 100 employees within Fortune 100 companies specific to increasing overall mental well-being resulting in reduced stress and depression assessment scores and increased scores in overall wellbeing.

  • International Coaching Federation Professional Coaching Certification
  • Co-Active Professional Coaching Certification
  • Gallup Strengths-Based Coaching Certification
  • Computer Software, Education, Financial Services, Non Profit
  • Jobs with functions like Accounting Auditing, Business Development, Software Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Product Management, Consulting
  • Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Wellbeing, Executives, Executive Presence, Experienced People Manager, Experienced Individual Contributor, New People Manager, Personal Transformation, Providing Feedback, Relationship Building, Remote Leadership, Sales Productivity, Team Building, Value Identification


Describe your coaching style.

Energy is at the heart of everything, so I bring energy and get curious about the energy that is within each coaching session. We have fun in our sessions, while also digging deep to uncover and build simple strategies specific to the root cause that is holding you back from your fullest potential.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal clients are individuals who are eager to tap into their fullest potential and currently feeling stuck in getting there. I especially enjoy working with highly technical leaders on their emotional intelligence and leadership capabilities.

How do you measure success with a client?

At the beginning of our coaching engagement, we co-create what success will look like at the end of our engagement. Every 2 sessions we will revisit the success criteria we established and discuss where we have/haven’t made progress towards our goals.

What is your coaching superpower?

Deep Listening, Curiosity & Fun

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