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Sam D.

Sam has over 30 years of management consulting, executive leadership, and executive coaching. He specializes in early-career professionals to early-stage executives across multiple industries and functions, from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

Full Bio

Sam’s career has been about improving performance and ensuring success. As a Big four management consulting firm partner, he focused on building high-performing teams and organizations. As a sales leader, Sam’s focus was on optimizing the performance of individual sales reps. As a people manager, he focused on developing talent and building necessary skills. As a coach, Sam focuses on his clients’ success.

He specializes in the human elements of career development and leadership and helps his clients use their functional and industry knowledge to perform at a high level. He understands the keys to success and the techniques to help professionals proactively exploit key opportunities and avoid critical mistakes.

Notable Client Achievements

In a male-dominated industry, I supported a female VP to find her voice on a male-dominated executive team, resulting in a promotion to CFO.

Helped a mid-level manager decide whether to accept a significant promotion in another state – the manager stayed put, choosing work-life balance over this particular promotion.

Coached a Finance professional to identify their leadership style and align communication and executive presence resulting in more effective upward management and mobility.

Worked with a newly promoted engineering manager to undo ineffective practices from their days as an individual contributor resulting in increased team satisfaction scores.

I have provided career coaching to a mid-level manager to clarify vision, direction, and approach resulting in a new role in a new company and a 20% increase in compensation.

  • MBA, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
  • Certified Executive Coach, UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute
  • Certification for multiple coaching tools
  • Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Healthcare, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Professional Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Electronics, Government, Manufacturing, Non Profit, Logistics, Aerospace
  • Jobs with functions like Accounting Auditing, Business Development, Customer Service, Engineering, Product Management, Project Management, Sales, Strategy Planning, Consulting
  • Finding Direction, Career Transition, Early Career, Executives, Executive Presence, Experienced People Manager, Internal Mobility, Interpersonal Communication, Managing Up, Experienced Individual Contributor, New Grads, New People Manager, Self Esteem Confidence, Team Building


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is multi-faceted and flexible. I provide different coaching models based on the client’s needs.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal clients are high performers. Early-career professionals to early-stage executives. This group has the most to gain and the interest, intensity, and enthusiasm to do so.

How do you measure success with a client?

Results versus quantifiable and established goals, with a healthy dose of the clients’ qualitative assessment.

What is your coaching superpower?

I provide a human connection with deep empathy and caring.

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